They say  a picture is worth a thousand words, we say a quality picture is priceless. We’ve already ascertained that images and branding go hand in hand, the quality of the picture you display, gives further insight into business, and how you want it to be perceived.

This is why at BRANDi Design, we work tirelessly to develop the uppermost quality images of which we are capable, as producing quality is our oath.

Working within the parameters you’ve set us; the goals you’re trying to achieve, and the audience you are targeting, our team will gather the applicable resources required to fulfil all your creative photography needs. We are quite happy to have input in the form of images submitted by the client for their design projects. However, we advice that they meet our exacting standards, in our quest to deliver the optimum quality for the brand.


Please do not panic if you have no images readily available to relay your vision of your website to us, as we have immediate access to thousands of stock images, which you can choose from to suit your project needs.


For clients who would like the pleasure of having professionally taken photographs integrated within their brand, BRANDi Design provide a bespoke service. These images have the distinction of being professionally captured and edited, to better transform the perception of your brand, by instilling confidence in your audience through positive representation.

You will find our in-house photographers are highly collaborative in nature, and will work with you in communicating your brand message.