Being in possession of an aesthetically pleasing website is great; it fulfils one aspect of our branding criteria, having beautiful designs. Unfortunately, having a beautiful website proves pointless to a target audience that is denied the opportunity to view it. It is equivalent to a fisherman going out to sea in his boat, armed with a tackle, bait and hook, but no fishing rod...yes, that’s pointless.

At BRANDi Design, our digital marketing consultants will help you draw traffic to your website (like fish to your doorstep) using first-class digital marketing tools at their disposal.

The process begins with the performance of a comprehensive website health-check. The objective is to flag up any outstanding issues in need of an immediate fix, in order to render your website ‘search engine friendly’.

Next, a thorough analysis of your current digital marketing activities is carried out, to give us a clearer insight into the current digital landscape. This is in order for us as a digital marketing agency, to ascertain what is currently working, or not working, so we can readjust our strategy accordingly.

Our digital marketing experts will also compile the detailed research data collected, and concoct a bespoke digital marketing plan, exclusive to your brand, with your business goals in mind. This marketing plan will include a digital strategy that contains some, or all, of the digital marketing services we provide;